Read-only feature:

Unlock an amiibo-exclusive character-specific paraglider fabric

When scanning each of these amiibo, there's a chance you'll unlock a paraglider fabric. Unlike the armor and weapons amiibo can drop, these paraglider fabrics cannot be unlocked without amiibo.

Each amiibo listed unlocks its own unique paraglider fabric, with the exception of these pairings which unlock the same fabric as each other:
- Link - Ocarina of Time and Young Link (Super Smash Bros.)
- Toon Link - Wind Waker and Toon Link (Super Smash Bros.)
- Link - Twilight Princess and Link (Super Smash Bros.)

Read-only feature:

Bring Epona into the game as a rideable horse

Read-only feature:

Receive materials and a weapon or rare item

Each amiibo can be scanned once a day. The weapon or item received will be random for each scan.

Some amiibo can unlock special matching outfits/armor early, but they can also be unlocked by other means in-game.

Source: IGN

Read-only feature:

Receive materials

This feature works with any amiibo (with the possible exception of those that work with its other features).