Read+Write feature:

Unlock exclusive gear / Save favorite weapons, gear, and control settings / Take photos with the character or saved gear

Each figure unlocks its own set of amiibo-exclusive gear:

- Inkling Girl (Orange, Lime Green): School Hairclip, Uniform, and Shoes
- Inkling Boy (Blue, Purple): Samurai Helmet, Jacket, and Shoes
- Inkling Squid (Green, Orange): Power Mask, Armor, and Boots

- Callie (after beating campaign): Hero Headset, Jacket, and Runner Replicas
- Marie (after beating campaign): Armor Helmet, Jacket, and Boot Replicas

- Inkling Girl (Neon Pink): Squid Clip-Ons, School Cardigan, Fringed Loafers
- Inkling Boy (Neon Green): Squinja Mask, Suit, and Shoes
- Inkling Squid (Neon Purple): Power Mask Mk1, Armor Mk1, and Boots Mk1

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